FAQ Diving


All fun dives include:

– Experienced guide

– Tank & weights

For all dives we provide fruits, water, coffee, tea and towels on the boat and free lunch at the restaurant.

For diving in Nusa Penida we provide lunch on the boat.

Our fun dives usually last about one hour – or less depending on your air consumption.

We always try to keep the dive groups small, with a maximum of four divers per guide. That ensures that every diver will have enough space and time to enjoy the amazing sea creatures, our guides will show you.

Our maximum ratio for dive courses is four students per instructor, usually rather less. So your instructor can perfectly focus on your safety and your personal progress during the course.

*Exceptions are possible if requested by students e.g. family course 

You can expect around 10 to 30 meters visibility all year round on most dive sites. Depending on weather conditions, tide and currents, this can vary.

The water temperature varies between dive sites and depending on tide and currents.

At Tulamben you can expect 27 to 30 degrees.

The Padang Bai and Nusa Penida dive sites can vary between 24 and 29 degrees all year round. From July – November it can also get colder sometimes, between 19 and 26 degrees, due to upwelling cold deep sea water. 

We provide 3 mm long suits which are usually the perfect choice. In case of cooler water you can always wear a 3 mm shorty on top.

Our Motto is DRIVE LESS – DIVE MORE. As we are located in the center of the major dive sites, they are just a boat ride away:


Padang Bai: just 5-10 min

Mimpang/Tepekong: 20 min

Biaha: 25 min

Nusa Penida: 45 min

Manta Point: 1 hour

Tulamben: 1h 20 min (by car)


*The duration depends on water conditions/traffic conditions.

ANY OTHER QUESTION ? PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL TO:  info@absolutescubabali.com